Release Note: Version 6.3.6

Posted on: 4/3/2023 7:23:05 AM
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Release Note Version: 6.3.6


1. Weekly Revenue Report: Added the custom range option in the weekly revenue report. 

2. FDC: Provider reimbursement report is added under the Billing grid  -> Preview Bill -> Provider Billing -> Print icon -> Provider Reimbursement Report.

3. Validating Email: The Validation email icon is added near the Email textbox on the child and staff profile page.

4. Review Billing: We have added validation under the Enrollment-type and the Program -type. When the Enrollment/Program types are used under the rate-chart setup, it will give a message to the user while they try to add or edit those fields.

5. GL Account Setup: Added two-column Account Number, and Account Description on the GL Account Setup.

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