Two-Factor Authentication (2FA ) in iCare.

Posted on: 11/4/2022 5:27:20 PM
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iCare team is proud to offer enhanced account safety with a Two-factor Authentication (2FA) feature, which is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of accounts.

What is Two-factor authentication or 2FA?

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password.

With the two-factor authentication process in iCare, users must verify their identity using their login credentials and also enter a unique 6-digit authentication code sent to their mobile or email address each time they log in.


How to enable Two-factor authentication or 2FA?

Log in to your iCare account with an admin credential on the web.

Navigate to Settings -> Step 1. At the bottom, you can see the flag for Two-factor authentication.

Turn it ON. Note: By default, this flag will be turned OFF for all the centers.


How does it work?

When the 2FA flag is turned ON.

Each time you sign in to the iCare web, you will be prompted to enter the unique 6-digit code sent to the email address or phone.


Enter the 6-digit OTP received on your email id or mobile device and click on verify OTP button.

Remember, the code will expire after 60 seconds. You can resend the code using the “Request again” link.



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