How a parent can get started with the iCare App (mobile/parent app)?

Posted on: 11/23/2021 8:22:57 AM
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Please note that the Childcare App by iCare will work only for Parent credentials.

Steps for Downloading the App and Using it:

Download the Childcare app either from Google Play Store for Android phones or the Apple App Store for iPhones.

Note: Parents can use their login credentials (email addresses and passwords) which are used for login into iCare web.

Once they log in on their mobile phone then they can see their child’s details.

Feature available in the Childcare app:

Registration: Parents can register their child into iCare using the iCare app. Log in to the app, enter their contact details, child details and you can enroll the child in the program.


While enrolling the child in the program, if that program has the pre-payment then the amount will be added to the cart. Only after making the payment in the cart, the child's schedule will be confirmed.

Note: You can see the cart icon in the top right corner. Click on the cart icon, enable the Select checkbox and make the payment.


Registration fee: If any particular center/site has a registration fee then while adding your child to the program. You get the message to pay the registration fee after paying the registration fee you can enroll your child in the program.

How do add a card, make a payment and set recurring payments?

The parent can view their account balance and they can make the payment by clicking on the “Pay button”.


When you click on the “Pay” button you will be redirected to the new page. 

First, you need to add your card details. Under the Payment Methods, you can see credit card and ACH options. Expand the card and click ADD Credit button/ ACH button.


Which opens the host page and enter your card details and click on the “Save” button then your card information will be saved.

Under the credit/ ACH you can see the card you have added. Select the card and make the payment.

Direct Deposit (DD): After adding the card details, parents can set the recurring payments using their credit cards or ACH accounts. 

Under the Payment Methods, you can see the “Direct Deposit” options. Expand it and click on the “Add Direct Deposit” button.

On the direct deposit page, you can select the Account/Card, and enter the amount to be processed, processing period, and end date. Click on the “Save” button.


Payments will run as per the processing period and end date of the DD setup.

i) Under Actions and Activities:

Enrolling the child in the program: Clicking on the enroll button, the list of programs available for the child will be displayed. Click on the program name and enroll the child in that program.


Reserve a spot: In the “Reserve a spot” option parents can book the slot for a single day. Clicking on the Reserve a spot button, the list of programs available for the child will be displayed. Select a program and enroll the child in the program.

Check-in: The parent can check in/out their children and they can answer the lobby question while check-in the children.


Journal: Child’s daily activities will be shown under the journal posted by the teacher. If the teacher posted any photo it will be shown under the dashboard.

ii) Under My Data:

Child profile: Under the child profile you can see your child’s information, contact details, and schedule(current, future, and past)  details of the child.


Accounting: Under accounting, the parent can view the billing grid and ledger of the child.


Attendance: Parents can view the attendance of their children for a particular day.

You can add the sibling by clicking on the “+” icon.














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