For our Summer program can parents enroll children week by week?

Posted on: 6/5/2017 5:59:01 PM
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Yes you can do so. Here is an example on how to set it up.

Summer program week by week enrollment format
Name Start Date End Date
Summer 2017 Week1 6/19/2017 6/25/2017
Summer 2017 Week 2 6/26/2017 7/2/2017
Summer 2017 Week 3 7/10/2017 7/16/2017
Summer 2017 Week 4 7/17/2017 7/23/2017

And, so on. Furthermore, in the setup of these programs disable the flag that allow parents to change the dates.

Now, parents can enroll children in specific weeks by simply enrolling in the respective programs.



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