Steps for adding a new family - child and contacts? (The Registration Process)

Posted on: 6/9/2022 5:45:40 PM
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Parents are either invited or added manually by the admin of the iCare application.

When a parent is invited, they will receive an email with their login ID and a link to create a password. 

By successfully creating a password, parents can log into the iCare application. They can add their children, and contact information, fill in the registration data, enroll the child in the program and make payments for the scheduled Programs/Classes.

Step 1: Enter the child's name, date of birth, select the site, age-based room, and start date. Click the Save button to continue.

Note: Registration instructions are given at the top of the page. Please read it before proceeding with the registration and DO NOT REFRESH OR CLOSE THE PAGE UNTIL DONE

Step 2: Enter the contact information. The registered email address will be shown under the email address field.

Step 3: Registration data- Parents need to fill the user-defined field created by the center. Click on the "+" icon to expand, where you can UDF description and field to answer.

Some of the UDF fields are set as mandatory by the center during the registration process, only after answering those UDF fields the parent can proceed with the next step.

Step 4: Enrollment- The list of programs available for the child is shown in step 4. Click on the program name in which you want to enroll your child.

Select the schedule type(Ongoing, weekly, or one day), start/end date, and tap on the "Submit" button to confirm your enrollment.

Some of the programs require pre-payment, Only after making the payment the schedule will be confirmed. The enrollment is added on the shopping cart, go to the shopping cart make the payment and confirm the enrollment.

Tap the button "Add another contact" and "Add a sibling" to add the sibling and secondary contact. Click on "Done" to complete the registration process.

Then the Welcome message appears on the screen and parents can view their accounts.








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