Audit trail and change history in iCare.

Posted on: 6/5/2020 9:01:52 AM
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Audit Trail and Change History

When a user enters a new record, edits an existing record, or deletes one, an audit trail and change history is maintained in the iCare database.

AUDIT TRAIL: By an audit trail we mean who did what when and how. For example, 

  • To find the audit information for accounting records, click on Transactions Report or the Ledger and click on See Details. You can view the information about the transaction date, time, description, etc.

  • To find the audit information on attendance records, open the report, Time Clock Data with Signatures, it will show you attendance report.

CHANGE HISTORY: When a record is deleted or edited, we do not simply overwrite the original record or purge it from the database. In the case of edits, a copy of the original is saved or the change is recorded in a log table. And in the case of deletes, a flag, Record Deleted, is checked off. For example

  • To find a deleted person, type the name in the Global Search box.
  • To find deleted accounting records, in the transaction page click on the voided transaction, it will show you all void transactions.

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