How can I enter a center's information?

Posted on: 1/19/2016 2:35:59 PM
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There are three ways of entering information. First, go to Settings >>
Step four: 
1.Invite parents and staff via Email to add details to the database: A link is sent to the parents’ email id with login credentials. They will be requested to fill in details. This is the fastest way to setup your center’s database.
2.To import details from existing data in Excel sheets (only for family data): ‘Click Here to Import Data’. A new tab will open, which will allow you to upload – children, contact and relationship sheets. Before uploading these sheets please download the template excel sheets for the three categories. Copy and paste your data in the template. Do not change the structure of the template. The format of the copied data should be exactly the same as the sample in the template.
3.Enter details manually: Go to ‘Click here to entre family data manually’ – a new tab will open, where you can enter the details of the child and his family.


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