How to remove the schedule and reschedule the children for another program/class(When prepayment is enabled)?

Posted on: 10/1/2021 6:01:41 AM
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1. On the child profile page, hover over the program name for which you need to remove the schedule. 

2. You can see the delete icon, click on that.

3. A pop-up window appears, click on the “Remove Schedule” button. Another pop-up opens and displays the charges/amount posted for that program.

4. Click on the continue button and the schedule for the program will be removed. The scheduled amount will be credited to the child's balance.

5. When a Parent tries to add the child on the same or other PC, the amount which is credited will be taken. If When the charges for both PC are the same, SPF will not open and the schedule will be confirmed.

6. If there is any difference in amount between the two programs, then the difference amount will be shown in the pop-up.

7. When you click on the continue button, an SPF pop-up will open and parents can pay to confirm the slots.

8. Also in a family when there are more children, the credit amount of the child1 can be used while enrolling Child2.




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