How can I make payments on line and clock my kids in to school online are by phone

Posted on: 1/18/2022 3:42:11 PM
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The Parent App of iCare “Childcare App by iCare” has now been released for the parent role. Now everything is under one roof.


So, here's what the Childcare App by iCare is all about

· Child Registration: You can register your child. You can do self-registration        and also can add Siblings.

· Enrollment: You can enroll your child in the program/class through the app.

· Child Profile: You can also see the child’s profile, contact, and schedule details in the app and you can also add/edit child details and contact details.

· Reserve a Spot: You can reserve the available spots.

· Check In and Out: You can check in & out their children through the App.

· Attendance: You can see the attendance report of your child.

· Accounting (Ledger and Billing): You can also see the ledger and billing grid of the child.

· Payments: You can also make payment using a credit card or ACH.

You can download the App from the App store and from the Play Store in the name of "Childcare App by iCare". Once you have downloaded the Childcare App by iCare, you can login with your credentials email address & password. I am also sharing with you the QR Code for the App Store and for the Play Store, you can scan it from here and can download the App and start utilizing it for your childcare needs.


  1. QR Code for App Store


  1. QR Code for Play Store






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