How do Lobby questions work on the iCare Check-in app?

Posted on: 9/4/2020 8:50:21 PM
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Note: To use the lobby question feature in the Check-In app, Please update the iCare Check-In app

Lobby questions and response for Parent:

1. Login into the iCare Check-In app using a valid email id and password.
2. Once you click on the Check-in button, the lobby question will be popped up to the parent.

3. Parents can respond to the question and click on the Confirm & Next button ( Parent/Staff lobby response will be saved only when they click on the Confirm & Next /Confirm & close button).

Lobby Questions and response for Staff:

  • Lobby questions can be generated for staff also while they Check-In.
  • To add lobby questions to staff, Create the Room: Staff under the step-2(Manage room)
  • Add the lobby questions for the staff under the Advanced settings>Lobby>Lobby questions page and select the Room: Staff under Select All or Specific program drop-down.
  • Then the particular question will be popped to the staff on the iCare check-in app for Staff.

Lobby Answers Report

You can see the lobby responses under the Report center> Childcare+ > Lobby Answer report.




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