How to find the revenue report based on Programs, Account type, Site id, and Payer type in iCare?

Posted on: 1/7/2021 7:17:12 AM
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Dear user,

In iCare you can get revenue information based on Program/Class, Site Id, Account Name, and Payer type(private/subsidy).

1. Enter income in the search bar and select “Income Summary on Accrual Basis (Charges/Credits)”.

2. It navigates to Income Summary on Accrual Basis (Charges/Credits) Reports page, which contains the detail about the total charge/credit amount.

3. By using the Group-by drop down you can select one of the categories for which you need revenue information and you can select the date range.

4. Click on the “+” icon that shows all charges made for that particular program/class.


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