Release Note Version ( 5.4.5,5.4.6)

Posted on: 4/26/2021 10:30:54 AM
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Electronic documents:  

  • We have added a flag for the Electronic document under Settings ->Step 4 where you can add/edit/delete the electronic documents.
  • You can do the same on the child profile page under the Electronic document section -> Setting icon. When you delete a document under a child, the child’s particular document will be deleted, not all children’s documents.

iCare Billing rule:

  • iCare Billing rule has been added on the Settings -> Step 6, where you can select the bills posting days for fixed billing (Monthly, Semi-monthly, Weekly, and Bi-weekly). 
  • You can see the next billing period and next posting date under the Children -> Billing grid and the Billing grid page.

Drop-in page:

  • Minor UI changes have been done. Children’s names will be shown along with the start date on the left panel of the drop-in page.

Site Management:

  • Users can select the Operational site, under the site selection dropdown and a help message has been added for the user understanding. Also, when there is only one site, Site-99 will not be shown under Settings->Step-1->Manage sites.

Attendance Page:

  • On the Attendance page, under the children’s attendance records>See details, additional information has been added such as Drop-in charges, Scheduled hours, and Pre-paid hours.


Print child document for filing:

On the child profile page, the printer icon (Print child document for filing)  has been added, which will list the four reports name,

1. Registration Form - Registration data
2. Emergency Cards - Children's contacts and allergies
3. Lobby Cards -  Lobby cards with passwords
4. Children's Records -  Immunizations, medical, and user-defined fields.

By clicking on this report, you will be redirected to the report page



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