Release Note Version 5.3.4

Posted on: 2/9/2021 8:18:57 AM
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Release notes 5.3.4

Admin Role

Electronic Document:

While adding new Electronic documents, we have added a new flag - Signature required. When this flag is ON, it will ask for the Parent’s signature while they are uploading documents or responding to a google form.

Two new reports are added for Electronic document:

Electronic Document - Parent Signature has been added which shows the list of documents with Parent signature

Electronic Documents - Status has been added which shows the status of the document with respect to a child document is Complete/Incomplete.

Attendance page:

A close icon is added under the Signature pop-up. But for check-in/out or edit Signature is mandatory to proceed further on the Attendance page when the Signature for children flag is ON under the Settings>Step-7.


Under Advanced settings> Immunization, while user inactive dose, the immunization count gets updated and calculation of doses bug fixes has been done.

Lobby Portal:

Minor UI updates are done under the Advanced settings>Lobby questions.

Monthly Scheduler:

The scroll bar issue on the left navigation pane bug fixes has been done.

Parent Login

User-Defined Field (UDF):

Add/Edit option under UDF drop-down on Parent login issue has been fixed.

Electronic Document:

When the Parent Signature flag is ON, parents should mark their signature while uploading or entering data in the google forms


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