Under child "Giada Finney", under program/classes i changed Giada from 3year old to 4yr old classroom. This somehow triggered billing for the entire year overnight in the ledger. How should I have done this differently to avoid this from happening. I made no changes to billing grid. thank you.

Posted on: 8/14/2019 8:02:28 AM
Replied by : support@icaresoftware.com

Dear User,

Since, the Start & End Dates for the selected program (4yr old) for child, Giada Finney, were set as per the schedule dates, these were billed at the day ending. In future, if you do not wish to bill the past period, please change the Start Date & End Date of the programs when making a change as shown in below snip.

If you feel that this answer does not resolve your query, please feel free to contact us by simply replying back on this thread.

Thank you,

iCare Support 

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