Can the email service run through our email server? We are having issues not easily being able to see sent emails and the ability to resend or forward a past email? I feel the email service is very limiting. Wondering if there is a way to see if parent's opened the email or how many viewed it?

Posted on: 12/4/2018 7:24:09 PM
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I sent an email out through iCare today and forgot to cc myself so that I would have a copy.  Is there a way to view sent email messages? I know you can view the email tracking, but I don't see anywhere that I can view the actual message.  

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       Currently, there is no provision to view the mail content in ICare.We use the AWS platform for handling outbound emails. That platform doesn't provide copies of old emails.

       CC feature enhancements are in progress, once completed you can view the message content for then sent mails.

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The limit to send 50 emails at once is due to the restriction from Amazon Web Services (AWS), our technology partners.

Team iCare is working on providing a better solution for this. We will allow you to send bulk emails (to all your users) at once. For this, we are introducing a time delay in the Send Email feature which will allow you to select all recipients at once and in the background a time delay for 50 emails per time frame will be added till all recipient emails are forwarded. We will keep you informed of our progress.

To track the Open/Click status of the emails sent from iCare application, navigate to the iCare Report Center and run Email Open Tracking report under Childcare+ section.

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