How can I update Assessment types?

Posted on: 1/19/2016 2:33:17 PM
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To update assessment types, please log in to your account and follow these simple instructions,

  1. Navigate to the Journal module, under Activities tab click the ‘What did we do’ input box and hover your mouse on the ‘Select a Category’ drop-down. A settings icon will appear right next to the drop-down, click it.

  1. You’ll be directed to the Category setup page, here you may add new categories and assessment types or update the existing ones.

  1. Select a Program/Class and click Add Category button. A new Category will be added in the grid, name the category, add a background color and add assessment types from the Assessment Type drop-down. You may also add/edit the Assessment Types by using the Add/Edit function from the Assessment Type drop-from.

  1. On the Add / Edit Assessment Type pop-up, click Add New button to add Assessment Types or simply click on an existing Assessment Type to edit it. Hit enter to save.

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Is this feature available now?  If not, can I provide my assessment types to the iCare team to update

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