Release Note: Version 2.7

Posted on: 9/18/2019 6:17:07 AM
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  1. Meal served: Meals served feature helps you track the meals served to children. This feature is accessible from the universal toolbar. And, the setup for Meal timing is available on Advanced Settings page.
  2. Membership: Membership fee setup is added on the Drop-in page. You can set membership fee by setting up the billing period and amount for membership. This fee will be charged automatically and added to the transactions/child-ledger. 
  3. Hide/Unhide fields on Child Profile: You may now hide the Program Type, Enrollment Type, Discount Type, and Bus Line fields directly from the Child Profile page. Simply hover your mouse on the fields and click the hide icon and follow the instructions to hide the field.
  4. Custom Reports: Sorting, searching, and pagination options have been added to the Custom Reports. 
  5. PPH Balances in Lobby: PPH balances for families using PPH Packages have been added to the Lobby page for a better usability. 
  6. Dynamic height and widht for check-in tickets (Lobby and Drop-in page): Height and width for check-in tickets can be set from Step-7 >> Settings page.
  7. Meals Count by Actual Served: Program-wise summary report for comparing the enrolled children count by count of children actually served. 
  8. Allergy Report: A detailed report for the allergies for all children has been added to the children section of report center.


Bug Fixes:

  1. Billing for a few rate-chart based bills did not post but the next billing dates were updating. This issue has been fixed.
  2. Fix from Schedule feature was not working for a few accounts.
  3. Search options were not working on the Email Address column on Children listing page.

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