Should I use the Monthly Scheduler or the Programs/Classes feature?

Posted on: 4/28/2021 7:44:31 PM
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We designed the Monthly Scheduler and the weekly recurring Program/Classes features to fit afterschool care and all-day programs, respectively. By all-day programs, we mean centers, preschools, and Montessori.

The key difference in these models are as follows:

  • Times In and Out: A center may allow flexible times for the children. For example, one child may be scheduled from 7am to 3pm and another from 8am to 6pm. To properly manage such schedules and bill them accordingly, children's schedules must be entered with the times.
  • Type-of-day scheduling: An afterschool program may offer 3 types of schedules in a day: AM, PM, and AM+PM. The times for these schedules are fixed; they don't vary from child to child. But on any given day, each child may be scheduled for one or none of these choices.
  • Weekly-recurring: Children at a center mostly have a weekly-recurring schedule; meaning, the schedule repeats week after week.
  • Scheduling for random days of the month: Often afterschool programs let parents schedule their children for AM and PM periods on random days of the month. For example, AM on the 1st, PM on 2nd, AM+PM on the 4th, and Pm of the 12th.

Monthly Scheduler

Things that are easy to do with it:

  • A monthly scheduler helps when you have schedule-based Programs such as  AM, PM, Full-Time, Part-Time.
  • You can create more than one schedule and also you can view an entire month’s schedules in the calendar view.
  • Differentiation of School half days, School closing days are shown in the Monthly scheduler. 
  • You can have different scheduling options for Special days using Setup Special override options (i.e.) you can select schedules that are open on holidays/school closing days/vacation.
  • Also, you can set the limits for the Parents, till which date the registrations are open for Parents.
  • You can have the prepayment option while parents book their slots.
  • Adding and removing schedules are easy in the Monthly scheduler. Admin or Parent can plan and fill schedules for the entire month and also for future dates.
  • The rates for the schedules are managed using the Rate chart and based on the number of days the children scheduled, the charges will be calculated automatically.
  • There is no need for a Program/classes and Billing grid.
  • The monthly scheduler is very useful when you have different site locations which have the same or different schedules for each site location. You can easily keep track of the Schedules of each site location.

Things that are not so easy with it:

  • Default billing and Skip billing is not possible in the Monthly Scheduler.
  • The waitlist and blank schedule options are not allowed in the Monthly scheduler.
  • The parent is not allowed to edit the Start/End time of the program.

Programs/Classes Feature

Things that are easy to do with it:

  • The Program/Classes are very effective when you are using default bills such as Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, and Semi-monthly.
  • You can enroll the children with a blank schedule( without start and end time)
  • The waitlist option is available in the Program/ Classes feature. (If the slot is not available then you can enroll in Waitlist)
  • Skip billing is available where you can skip the billing for a particular week.
  • You can book a slot for your child on future dates also 
  • For the Drop-in center, the Program/Classes are very useful where the bill will be calculated based on the attendance hour.
  • The amount/rates for the schedules are managed using the Rate chart and based on the number of days the children scheduled, the charges will be calculated.
  • Admin or Parent can plan and fill schedules and they can choose different timing(Start/End time) for each day 
  • Hourly(By attendance), Hourly(By schedule), Hourly(Beyond exact attendance/scheduled hours), Hour(Beyond total attendance/scheduled hours) can be handled efficiently.
  • An overlapping schedule can be done using Program/classes.

Things that are not so easy with it:

  • It is difficult to manage the schedule when you have different site locations.
  • The program needs to be created.
  • You can’t view an entire month’s schedule in the calendar view.

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