How to manage email templates for Send Message feature?

Posted on: 10/23/2019 2:57:16 AM
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iCare facilitates the Template feature.

You can send Information to individuals or groups by using Send Message Feature.

Send Message feature will be accessed from,

  1. Children Profile Page, Staff Profile Page, Attendance Page, Billing Grid and Transaction Page > Action> Send Message
  2. Right-click on Children/Attendance/Staff/Billing Grid/Transaction> Send Message

Steps for Creating Templates

To Create Templates,

  • Click on Action> Send Message from Children/Attendance/Accounting pages.
  • Click on Send Email.
  • Select the Recipients
  • Enter the Subject and Information
  • Select the Save Template button
  • Enter the Template Name
  • Click on Send Message.
  • The Template will be saved and used in the future. All the Templates will be available under Templates drop-down

  • To view the list of all Templates, click on the Select Template drop-down.
  • To delete Template, click on the Delete icon.

Steps for Update Template

  • Select the Template to be updated.
  • Type the information.
  • Click on the Save Template
  • Click on Update Template.


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