Release Note Version 4.8.0

Posted on: 8/6/2020 4:16:25 AM
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Billing Grid Enhancement- Added a new column NBD which holds information about Next billing date in Children>Billing grid page.

Secondary Report- A new secondary report Active children with no Attendance has been added.Which lists the active children with no attendance for a specific period.You can select dates as needed.

iCare Check-In app- A new template iCare Check-In app - Instruction for parents is added. Which is used to send instructions to parents about the iCare Check-In app.

Email Notification- CC feature is enhanced,which automatically includes the centre email id(configured in step-1) in the email sent to the parents.To Activate the above feature,select yes option under Automatically Copy to Center Email id.

Query Writer in Custom Reports- Intellisense/Auto fill feature in the custom reports has been updated.

NSF/Chargeback modification for ACH/CC- Amount editing facility is enhanced.User can edit the amount less than the paid amount.

Data Import Excel Template- To handle duplicate email addresses.

Bug fixes:

Print statement issues from the ledger page have been fixed.





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