Today, on Monday, I found that our weekly charge posted for the next week. What is reason? What shall we do because we don't want charge of that far in the future to post?

Posted on: 11/13/2018 12:28:47 AM
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We still want to post on the Friday before the billing date.  So, today is 11/16, at the end of the day we should have posted.  On Monday the 11/18 that is when we should be getting payment.  I do not want us to post 2 weeks in advance. 

And you are correct I did not get this e-mail.

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Dear User,

Since the billing schedule for weekly bills was set to Mondays before the next scheduled period, your bills for 11/19 ran on 11/12 (Monday) mid-night.

We have changed the billing rule in iCare. Now, your bills will run according to the selected scheduled days from the iCare Billing Rules section on Step-6 of Settings page (as explained below). For Monday, all bills will run on the same day as of the Next Billing Date. Example, if your billing is scheduled for Monday and the Next Billing Date (NBD) is 11/12/2018, bills for this NBD will run on 11/12/2018 only.

Since this setting was updated today, the changes will come into effect from Next Billing Date. On 11/26, all bills scheduled for 11/26 will only run. You may change the billing schedule from Step-6 (Settings page).

If you wish to remove the charges for 11/19 that were posted on 11/12 and want to re-run them on 11/19, please let us know. Our support team will be more than happy to help you with this.

Feel free to reply back on this email with your response.

Thank you,

iCare Support

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