Our billing is based on weekly attendance; means, bills are posted at the end of the week. What does the Next Billing Date mean?

Posted on: 9/14/2018 8:06:19 AM
Replied by : support@icaresoftware.com

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Weekly (By Attendance) bills run once per week. All billable attendance entries for the week following the Next Billing Date (NBD) are posted together. For example, if the NBD of a bill is 01/01/2018 (Monday), bills for the attendance from 01/01 to 01/07 will post on 01/08 (Monday). 01/08/2018 will be the Transaction Date of posted bills which can be seen from the Child Profile Ledger or Transactions grid using See Details option. Please see below snip for reference to view Transaction Date of a posted bill,

If you have past attendance entries of more than one week earlier, the weekly bills will post one by one for each week. You may do so manually or these past bills will post at day ending one by one each day. 

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