How to use the locking feature in iCare ( lock edit access for specific roles)?

Posted on: 6/16/2021 8:44:16 AM
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In iCare, a new feature has been introduced for locking(editing/deleting the data is denied) under the Attendance Data, Food Program Data, Accounting data for specific user roles.

Based on the user role(admin, super admin, center admin, teacher, cashier)  you can set the lock permissions to edit the data.

This option is available under Setting-> Advanced settings->Lock Transactions Setup

When you click on the “Lock Transaction Setup”, it opens the page where you can see three flags,

  • Attendance Data
  • %u200BFood Program Data
  • Accounting Data

Steps to lock the transaction:

1. Turn ON the flag for which you need to lock the data (attendance data, food data, accounting data)

2. Select the date(current month) from which you don’t want the user to edit the past month’s data.

For example, say today is 6th May and the Locking Date is 5th of the current month. Then today, the user cannot edit records of April but can edit the records of May.

3. Select the user roles(admin, center admin, super admin, teacher, cashier), whom you don’t want to edit /delete the data from past months.


After the Locking Date, the records of the past month cannot be edited by the specific roles.

Note: The Locking Date can be set by the Center Admin only. Once you turn ON/OFF the flag, click on the “Apply settings” button to save the changes.



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