Release Note Version 6.1

Posted on: 3/30/2022 5:01:43 AM
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Custom bill: The few enhancement has been done to the custom bill feature to handle the additional billing.

Monthly Scheduler: Added the new button to filter the data range( Current, Past, Future, All) under the Set Attendance/Schedule Type option on the Monthly scheduler. 

Account type: Add/Edit feature has been added to the account type column.

Check-in app: In the check-in app "Show Program Children" option has been updated for Android users. 

Parent app - We have added the direct deposit option (where the parent can set the recurring payment) and the Role permissions to the parent app.

Bug Fixes:

Slot Scheduler: The issue of deleting children's schedules from Slot Schedularhas been fixed.

Reports: Added the loading/processing icon on the print view.



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