We have 2 locations. I am the Director for 1 location, I manage the day to day operation and manage the staff etc. However, I assist our owner with administrative duties, accounting and billing for both sites. How can I set up the system so that I can view the data across all locations while still manage my location?

Posted on: 3/20/2019 2:35:39 PM
Replied by : support@icaresoftware.com
You can have multiple staff having the same roles while controlling what each role has access to. 
Kelly could be an Admin of Site 1 - will have admin right but see data of only Site 1
Jenny could be an Admin of Site 2 - will have admin right but see data of only Site 2
Suzy Q could be an Admin of Corporate Site (99) - will have admin right and see data of all sites
While adding staff you are assigning to a site, aka 'designating a site'. In your case, you manage 1 location (site) but need to manage/see all. So your site designation (done in your profile page) needs to be 99.  To switch between 99/seeing both sites, and only site 2, you toggle between site 2 and 99 at the top drop down shown in the image. 

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