How secondary contact can make the payment using the main contact ledger?

Posted on: 11/1/2021 8:43:43 AM
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Note: Please make sure all the privacy rights are shared to the secondary contact by the main contact

1. Login into iCare with the secondary contact credential.

2. when secondary contact opens SPF from the main contact ledger,  the SPF will show the Secondary contact name, and also on the host page secondary contact name will show as payer name

3. Also when the secondary contact makes the payment from the Main contact ledger, the secondary contact name is shown as the payer name on SPF and host page, but the payment will be reflected on the main contact ledger.

4. The wallets added by the main contact are not be shown to secondary contact.

5. When the Secondary contact chooses his Ledger and performs CC/ACH it will reflect in the secondary contact ledger.

6. Also in the main contact login, the Wallets added by secondary contact  are not shown to the main contact


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