What is the Dayending process?

Posted on: 7/8/2020 9:32:13 PM
Replied by : support@icaresoftware.com

Day ending process is an automated process that runs every midnight (Automatic day ending billing). The process will do the following activities 

  • This process will check out the children/staff as per center Closing Time, who did not check out after center closing time if the center is not open 24 hrs.
  • Process Direct deposits (Recurring Payment) as per schedule.
  • Apply Scheduled Billing Charges.
  • Post Attendance Based Charges.
    =>Attendance is over the Schedule.
    =>Attendance without Schedule.
  • Post-Late Fee - if the child checked out after Center Closing Time.
  • Send Journal Photo Report.
  • Registration Fee Process.
  • Post-Pre Paid Hours Charges( Scheduled).
  • Post-Late Payment Fee.

To enable Dayending process, in Setting->Step 6->Turn ON Dayending process

You can also run the day ending manually from the transaction page or billing grid page.








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