EXPLAINER: What does ‘Age-Based Room’ mean?

Posted on: 1/19/2016 1:17:25 PM
Replied by : team-dev@icaresoftware.com

Childcare licensing requires a certain child to teacher ratio in each room. This ratio is dependent on the age of children in that room. For example, most states require a maximum of three infants or five toddlers for each teacher. 

Daily activities, curriculum planning and development milestones are also age dependent.

Consequently, age-based rooms are an important part of the setup for centers.

Afterschool programs can also use age-based programs for the same reasons as centers. However, enrichment programs – afterschool classes like dance, music, soccer and chess, etc. – may skip using age-based programs.

Programs and classes are the other type of setup used in iCare. These are for managing scheduling and billing; both are identical in everything expect that if you use an age-based in iCare we call it a program and otherwise a class.

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