A child is enrolled in a class. How to change it to another class?

Posted on: 9/15/2021 9:00:25 PM
Replied by : Umesh@icaresoftware.com

There is no direct way of changing a class enrollment to another class. It has to be done in 2 parts:

  • Enroll in the new class (both the parent and an admin can do this)
  • End the old class (only an admin can do this)

Enroll in the New Class (Parent or Admin)

  1. In the Programs/Classes frame, click on the [+] icon.
  2. Select the new class and complete the enrollment steps.

End the Old Class (Admin only)

  1. In the child's profile page, hover on the name of the class in the Programs/Classes frame in the right margin.
  2. Click on the thrash icon.
  3. Click on Remove Schedule or End Schedule and complete the next dialog.
  4. In the Ledger, void the charge for the class you just deleted. 
  5. In the Ledger, refund the corresponding payment.


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