Release Note - Version 3.2

Posted on: 12/12/2019 2:44:19 AM
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  1. Parent Navigation Panel: Enjoy the all-new and easy to use navigation panel for parent logins. This will make it for the parents to perform actions and navigate around in the application.
  2. Child Registration: Enrollment feature has been added to the registration process. You can enroll children in programs/classes when registering them. The setup for this feature is available on Settings >> Step-4.
  3. Cash Ledger: Daily cash ledger report has been added to the iCare Report Center.
  4. Site Management: Site name on the top of the application login screen and in the emails will now appear as per the site the user is logged in to.
  5. Export (download) options list in print preview of reports is now managed by role permissions.
  6. Monthly Subsidy report has been added to the Report Center.
  7. Daily Cash Ledger report has been added to the Report Center.
  8. Custom reports can be searched from the Global Search bar.
  9. Custom Billing: Custom Billing feature is now accessible from the Attendance page.
  10. Room Drop-down on the Attendance page is now editable. 


Bug Fixes:

  1. Transferred payments were not appearing in the transactions ledger or other accounting reports.
  2. Export button on the reports was not exporting the complete grid data.
  3. Reg Fee – Yearly registration fee did not post after one year.
  4. Wrong charges were posting for a few rate-chart based accounts.
  5. On the drop-in page, when charging for less than one hour $0.03 was adding up with the final amount.
  6. On the drop-in page, billable hours were doubling up. Due to which the amount to be charged was showing incorrect.
  7. Recurring payments did not run on 11/30/2019 due to a minor bug in the server connections.
  8. Duplicate entry for a child was created due to data migration.
  9. A few parents were not able to login to the lobby.
  10. Deleting children permanently was not removing them from the database.
  11. Due to a minor bug in updating the billing end dates, a few accounts were charging even when they were not enrolled in any program.
  12. iCare lobby was very slow for a few accounts. Speed has been improved for better usability.
  13. For rate-chart billing based on child number, wrong charges were posting due to the calculation of the child number.
  14. Full Contact List - The full contact list has the wrong parents with each child
  15. Lobby opening and closing issues were resolved. 
  16. Duplicate main contacts were not removing using the correction methods.

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