How can we do batch attendance/batch check-in on Lobby Portal?

Posted on: 2/11/2020 9:44:01 AM
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iCare provides the Batch Attendance feature using which you can check-in/out children in a batch on Lobby Portal.

Steps followed on Lobby Portal,

1. Under the Lobby, login enters the Program/Bus password.

Note: Program passwords can be seen under the Program/Classes page on iCare application.

2. Enter the Staff password to proceed with Batch Attendance.

3. Batch Attendance pop-up will appear. Enter the Check-in/out Time, and click Check-in All to batch check-in the children.

Lobby Batch Attendance feature includes,

Check-in/Check-out children as a batch

Filtering options

1. All- Shows all children enrolled in that Program

2. Checked-in Now - Shows the Children who are checked-in

3. Did Not attend Today - Shows the Children who are not attended the school Today

4. Attended Today but checked-Out - Shows the  Children who have attended the class and checked-out.

Move option

  • Batch Move option is used to Move children from One Program/Classes to another  Program/Classes.
  • Click on the Batch Check-in/Out button.
  • Click on Move to another Program option.

  • When we Move children from a  Program/Classes to another Program/Classes, the Children will be checked-out from the Current  Program/Classes and moved to new Programs/Classes.


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