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Posted on: 2/21/2020 12:40:05 PM
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Dear user,

Team iCare is pleased to announce that the application has been updated with the Release Version – 3.8. Following are the key enhancements introduced with this update:

Role Management - A new Role has been implemented under Role Management as CASHIER to support the center admin in managing the daily stuff of the center. Role Permissions can be set up by Center Admin as per their criterion.

Excel to Export in Secondary Report- Through this feature Center Admin can print/export the secondary reports in Excel Sheet.

Add Secondary Contact and Siblings by Parents using Add Existing Feature - Through this feature parents can also add the Secondary Contacts and the Siblings using Add Existing Feature. However, parents can search and add only those contacts and their kids as Siblings who are associated with the Secondary Contact of that child.

Meals Served Report - In this report we have added one more search feature i.e. Advanced Filter.

Team iCare is continuously working towards making an application that meets your expectations. We value your suggestions tremendously, please feel free to contact us for any suggestions or questions.

Thank you,

iCare Support


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