Release Note Version 6.1.2

Posted on: 4/27/2022 12:55:15 AM
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Staff Leaves: The staff Leaves feature has been added on the Attendance Page > Actions > Enter Staff Leaves. Where the admin can enter the leaves for staff.

Electronic document: Few enhancements have been done to the electronic document. Now the electronic document is editable and the parent can fill out and edit the electronic document.

Driver Attendance: The driver can mark the attendance for children and the attendance will appear in the Vendor Driver Bus Run Report.

Enrollment Pop-up: Added a color dot (green, red, orange) to the enrollment pop-up, which indicates the availability of a slot.

Get Merchant Account: Based on the payment gateway selection under Setting-> Step 6. When you click on “Get Merchant Account” then it will redirect you to the Open edge/Transfirst.

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