How to setup membership fee on drop-in page?

Posted on: 11/4/2019 2:36:05 AM
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You can set up a membership fee using the Membership feature from the Drop-in page. This fee can be one-time, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

To set up a membership fee, navigate to the Drop-in page and follow these simple instructions.

  1. Select a child from the selection panel.
  2. Click the Membership button at the bottom of your screen.

       3. A membership pop-up will appear on your screen. Navigate to the Membership Type drop-down and click Add/Edit option.

       4.Membership Type Setup pop-up will appear on your screen. 
Click Add New button, enter a name for membership, select a billing period, enter an amount, choose Account Name, add a description, and save.


       6. This membership fee will be added to the Membership Type drop-down.
Now, close the setup pop-up and select an option to apply membership to a family or a child. Select a membership type, set Start/End Date, set an amount,            and click Continue to save.

8. The membership fee will be charged as per the billing period and amount set in the setup. There is an option where you can edit the end date and you can view the voided membership and the number of times the bill is posted.





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