How to reconcile online payments (Payment Reconciliation) in iCare?

Posted on: 1/3/2020 6:27:46 AM
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Payment reconciliation is used to sync the missing payments that were processed through TransFirst but did not go through in iCare. To reconcile such payments,

1. Navigate to the Payment Reconciliation report from the Accounting section of the Report Center.

2. Search for the payment that does not appear on the transaction ledger but went through TransFirst successfully. Click the transaction number, for example (003345628672), to complete it on the iCare side.

TF Status:

TF Status Status of the payment on the TF side Type CC/ACH
Funded Payment has been completed. Once completed payment cannot be voided but can be refunded. ACH
Settled Payment has been settled. A settled payment cannot be voided but can be refunded. Credit Card
Approved For marked for settlement Payment is processed but not settled. This payment can be voided but not refunded. CC/ACH
Declined The payment was declined by TF for some reason. CC/ACH
Wallet Payment Indicates that the payment was made on a saved credit card or a bank account. Saved Credit Card
Processed without Saving The payment was processed without saving the card or bank information. CC/ACH
Credit Originated Credit/Refund was sent to the FED. CC/ACH
ChargeBack The transaction was returned (canceled) by the consumer CC/ACH
Voided Or Reversed Authorization The transaction has been voided/canceled and/or an authorization reversal has been sent to the issuing bank. CC/ACH
Voided The transaction has been voided/canceled. CC/ACH


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