How to set-up the Lobby?

Posted on: 8/31/2016 2:06:13 PM
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1. To set up the Lobby go to on your check-in tablet.
2. Click on Go to iCare Lobby below the Signup button
3. The ‘Open Lobby’ page will open in a new tab.
4. Enter your supervisor credentials to open the Lobby.

The ‘Signature capture setup’ allows you to choose if signatures are required for staff check-in and child check in. You can choose by selecting the ‘On/Off’ button in front of the two options.

Door security: Click here for instructions to install electronic door security. (Android Only)

Your lobby credentials will be available on this Settings - Step one for the admin and in the profile page for parents and staff.

If the ‘Center Email’ address and ‘Admin Email’ entered during Step one under ‘Contact info’ in the Settings module are the same then you can use your existing password for Lobby login. But if the two Email addresses are different then a new password will be generated for Lobby login.

Click on the Complete button to finish the process.    

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