Can more then one person be set up to open the lobby? have lobby credentials. If I am not here and the kiosk goes down someone else should have rights.

Posted on: 11/15/2018 7:17:30 AM
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Yes, more than one person can be setup to open or close lobby. There are two possible ways to open the iCare Lobby,

  1. Using the login credentials of the Center Admin. Center Admin is the main admin of iCare application, their email is available under Settings >> Step-1 >> Contact Info >>Admin Email.

  1. Lobby credentials available on Settings>>Step-7. Lobby Password on Step-7 can be set to a password other than the one used to log into the application as Center Admin. Provide this password to the Lobby Supervisor, using which and the Center Admin's email address they will be able to open and close the lobby in your absence.

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