GETTING STARTED: How to install the iCare Door?

Posted on: 12/9/2016 8:17:31 AM
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iCare Door – Installation and Operation 

The current version of iCare Door is compatible only with Android devices. 


iCD: iCare Door – the door security package.
iCDS: iCare Door Switch – the wireless relay switch for operating an electronic door strike.
iCDPS: iCare Door Power Supply
iCL: iCare Lobby – iCare attendance program.
iCDA: iCare Door Android App – mobile app that interfaces between iCL and iCDS.
iCDPWD: Unique password for your iCDS – it will be sent to you via email.
MAC Address: Your Android tablet’s Wi-Fi MAC Address – instructions to find the MAC Address are in the appendix at the end of the article.

Install iCDS:
Your iCD package contains an iCDS and an iCDPS. Study the wiring diagram given below and follow the installation instructions:

  1. Mount iCDS in a secure place on the wall, close to an electric outlet.
  2. Plug iCDPS into the electric outlet.
  3. Connect iCDPS to iCDS. The LED on iCDS should turn ON
  4. Connect the electric door strike to iCDS. 

Switch and door-strike wiring test: By shorting the two wires going to the door strike, you can test the door strike. When shorted, the door strike should buzz and the lock should open. When un-shorted, the door strike should close.

Install iCDA: 
Install iCDA on the Android Tablet/phone you plan to use for running iCL.

  1. Download the App, iCare Door, from the website,
  2. Go to Settings > Storage > Downloads. Tap on the file you just downloaded.
  3. Tap on Verify and Install
    a. When asked, tap on Install.
    b. Tap on Open.
  4. The following Bluetooth pairing request window will open. Enter the iCDPWD you received and tap on OK.

  1. A window displaying the message ‘Door is Connected’, will open. Tap on the Home button to minimize this window. Never remove (close) this window. It is required for this window to run in the background at all times for iCDS to work.

NOTE: If the door does not connect, follow the steps in the section – Pairing iCDS Manually, in the Appendix.

Connect iCDS to iCL

Here’s how you configure iCDS in iCL and operate them.

1. Open Chrome on your device and enter the iCL URL you received. For example, 

2. On the Lobby page do as follows:

a. Enter the supervisor credentials.
b. Tap on the checkbox: Use iCare Door Opener. The following window will open prompting you to enter the Wi-Fi MAC Address.

c. Enter your MAC Address and click Proceed. Instructions to find the MAC Address are mentioned on the pop-up window.

Please Note: If you get the message: ‘Wi-Fi MAC Address not registered’, this indicates that the iCare Door in not connected. Go back to the previous section to connect the door.

d. Once you have entered the MAC Address and clicked on Proceed the Check-in Lobby page will appear. You need to click on Open Lobby to open the Lobby for parents, staff and others to access.

3. Once the Lobby is open a parent, staff, teacher or driver can login. They can check-in and check-out children or themselves.


Pairing iCDS Manually:

1. Go to Settings and tap on Bluetooth. Make sure the Bluetooth is ON.

2. In the list of Paired Devices, you will be able to see the device iCareDoor.

3. If iCareDoor is not in the Paired Devices list then try the following steps:

a. Tap on Search for Devices. Now iCareDoor should show in the Available Devices list.
b. Tap on iCareDoor.
c. Enter your iCDPWD and tap on OK.

Finding your tablet’s MAC Address:

Do the following to find your tablet/phone’s Wi-Fi MAC Address:

1. Go to Settings > About tablet/phone and tap on Status.
2. Read your device’s Wi-Fi MAC address. This number looks like B0:72:BE:A3:4B:75.

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